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:: Filtra M - Zeolite

Molecular Sieves for the removal of organic and mineral substances

In an aquarium, full of life, due to an excessive fish population, a wrong mineral addition, during the set-up period or due to a momentary unbalance of the system, organic and mineral matter may accumulate inside the water, and, if not systematically absorbed, they will cause problems or, even damage to the natural aquarium’s equilibrium. Although water changes, along with filter cleaning, would reduce pollution, few aquarists would be willing to maintain such a strict regimen for long. In addition, water changes are also stressful to some fish. Elos FiltraM is a specific, polyvalent, filtration material based on natural raw material (zeolite). Thanks to its peculiar “Open Matrix Structure” it is targeted to trap both organic and mineral substances (molecular filtration) or can be used, after bacteria colonization with Elos RB20, as biological substrate to promote and maintain a stable process of biologic decomposition inside the Natural Marine Aquarium (biological filtration).

  • Helps reducing unwanted algae
  • Ideal to remove exceeding organic and mineral substances
  • Can be used as Biological Substrate in Marine aquarium

Dosage: 500ml are suitable for 100-150 litres of tank volume.

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